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Marco Pietracupa, was born in Brixen ( Sudtirol-Italy) and moved to Milan at the beginning of the nineties to turn his passion into a profession.

After having attended the Italian Institute of Photography he started to publish his works in the art, fashion and portraits fields.



Arena, Aishti, Dry Magazine, D Repubblica, Elle, French, Flair, GQ, Glamour, How To Spend It, Hunter, Hercules, Harper's Bazaar, L’Uomo Vogue,

L’Officiel, L’Optimum, Leadies, POP, Parterre de Rois, Rolling Stone, Studio, Un Flop, Vice, Vogue Russia, Wallpaper, W Corea ...



Vice Gallery-Milan, Le Dictateur-Milan, Family Business Gallery-New York, Brownstone Foundation-Paris, Marsèlleria-Milan, Stadtgalerie-Brixen,

Asni Gallery-Addis Ababa, Museo del Cassero-Monte San Savino-Florence, Festung Franzesfeste-Brixen, Triennale-Milan,

Prisma Gallery-Bolzano, Mannerheim Gallery-Paris



Shapeshifter - edit by Yard Press




2018 Aint-Bad

2018 Vistordesign

2017 British Journal of Photography

2017 It's nice that

2017 Hunger

2017 The Fall

2016 I-D

2016 Fruit of the Forest

2016 Vix Magazine

2014 Off il Giornale

2012 Lettera 43

2012 Franz Magazine

2012 Vice